I am Elizabeth!

Thanks for visiting me here! Since moving to Switzerland from Atlanta, USA in 2004 lots has happened. My “job” description over the years has changed and even multiplied. Haha! I am first off a wife, mother and home manager to my wonderful family here in Switzerland. My other job descriptions include – Beauty Stylist, Interior Designer, “Natural Skincare products” manufacturer, Leader and founder of ARISE Women’s Christian Group and Author. Learning, growing, sharing, living, encouraging and helping others are all things I love to do.

An ever growing passion burns within me to help and encourage people through all my businesses and my life however I can. Does it cost me? Can it be tiring? Yes, but anything worth having will cost you something.

We are beings created by God. Beings who look for true fulfilment, love, clear vision, fellowship, lasting change and transformation. By having the right kind of fellowship and mindset, we can change and grow. If I can help anyone find that and be a light to shine on to others, it’s a job well done.

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We can grow

Whether you are a business woman, teacher, student, mother, homemaker, grandmother, daughter, friend, youtuber or anything else you can think of, you have a PURPOSE in this life. More than anything, that is what ALIVE is about – helping women discover their purpose and move into that. Look forward to meeting you.


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Your walk and amount of growth in this life is directly and very strongly influenced by your willingness to change. Positive change in your life requires letting go of things that are holding you back and embracing the things that will move you forward. Do you have the courage to brace yourself in the wind? Do you have the courage to dig deep and do the tedious work of tilling the hard ground around your roots so they can grow deeper and stronger today? Do you want to have a higher vision of what this life is all about?

Elizabeth Knechtli

What my clients say

Elizabeth’s warmth & professionalism are reflected in everything she does. Her attention to wishes & individual needs of her clients is remarkable. A special highlight is Elizabeth’s beautiful product packaging, a sign of her love for for beauty – down to the last detail.

Deborah H.

As a customer, I prefer an individual, professional, friendly, non-intrusive, well-founded, tailored advice that is consistent. Elizabeth knows how to convey this in the best possible way with her great know-how of the entire Mary Kay Beauty line and its effectivness. For years I have been able to count on her valuable services and skills. I also appreciate the uncomplicated and speedy processing of orders.

Karin W.

My long-standing customer relationship with Beth (Elizabeth) has been characterized by very positive circumstances. She takes my concerns seriously without trying to talk me into anything. I feel competently advised, and I can also return products if I don’t like something. On special requests, she is willing to go the extra mile and spares no effort. In addition, she is a very pleasant, friendly, humorous, sensitive and tactful personality.

Nancy M.


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