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We have lots going on here at ALIVE! I love a variety of different things and stay active learning and growing with them I had a dream of owning a home decor store when I got out of Interior Design school in 2002. Little did I know it would end up being an online store. Over time my ALIVE products have grown and you can check out all my brands below. I enjoy meeting new people, teaching them about what I do and getting and giving tips from them and to them. More and more the passion for people has become the center of my attention. And although I enjoy all these things at ALIVE, it is the time with the people that give me the most joy.

  • DOTERRA – 100% Pure Essential oils and Health products
  • EZASWISS – All natural body care for you and baby, Handmade by me in Ehrendingen, Switzerland
  • MARY KAY – Beauty Products

100% Pure essential oils DOTERRA

Many oil companies claim to be great and all natural, but there were no official certifications on them for being pure. This company strives for excellence and does a superb job of delivering high quality oils for you and your family. Take a look. Need more info? Contact me or book an appointment to find out more.


All Natural Body Care for You and Baby

EzaSwiss was started when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2013. Nothing helped my desperately dry abdominal skin, so I decided to create something that WOULD work. And it did! It ended up being the start to a few amazing products for me and my kids and for friends too! Head over to the shop to read more.

Mary Kay

Beauty Products

Here you will find all sorts of beautiful products from skin care to body care for Men and Women. Sign up to recieve information from me for specific product interests. Check out the site in the button below!


Get your basics here

Most people are lacking very basic, much needed vitamins and minerals because they just are not getting it in their daily food intake. Here you will find some high quality supplements to integrate into your daily routine and start feeling more fit and energetic now!


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