Caring for my customers

Customer care and service is a major part of having a business. No one wants to be treated as a nuisance when they are the paying customer! I have walked into many stores and felt exactly that – like I was disturbing them. Well here at ALIVE it is all about you and filling your needs as best as I can!

I want my customers to experience a wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable time when they are with me at an appointment. Whether they are trying out products, shopping in my stores or opening up a package they received from me, their experience should be awesome!


One of the greatest enjoyments in teaching (skin care, makeup, how to use essential oils etc.) is watching the transformation people make. For example they come to me not know how to apply make up, but leave having done their own makeup and feeling so great about what they have learned and accomplished themselves! Thats why I love TEACHING people, rather than just applying their makeup for them. They should be able to go home and replicate what they learned. I think the reason I love this aspect so much, is because they are growing! They are so happy by the end of the class, and I love seeing them proud of themselves. If I am teaching an essential oils class, they are learning ways they can help themselves and their family support their own immune systems and lifestyles. It is awesome to see the changes!

Buche jetzt einen Termin für dein Interesse.

DoTERRA Essential Oils Basic Appointment. Diese führe ich normalerweise 1 Mal pro Monat in einer Gruppe durch. Oder bestelle deine Öle gleich hier.

Willst du einen Make-up- oder Hautpflegetermin? Du kannst diese als Gruppentermine bei dir zu Hause oder als Einzeltermine bei mir buchen.


At ALIVE you get to test any beauty product before you buy, so let me know what interests you most and we can set up an appointment that suits your needs. Contact me! or Book directly Online Now

  • A skin care facial workshop with friends (at your house or mine) or alone (at my house)?
  • A makeup workshop with 2 of your friends at my house?
  • Party makeup for your bachelorette party?
  • Special mom & daughter beauty morning at my house?
  • A teen party for your daughters birthday party?
  • Essential Oil Basics Appointment in a group?
  • Essential Oil Online Event or Webinar?

Set up an appointment with me

Online, Live in Ehrendingen or at your Home or Center



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What my clients say

Elizabeth’s warmth & professionalism are reflected in everything she does. Her attention to wishes & individual needs of her clients is remarkable. A special highlight is Elizabeth’s beautiful product packaging, a sign of her love for for beauty – down to the last detail.

Deborah H.

As a customer, I prefer an individual, professional, friendly, non-intrusive, well-founded, tailored advice that is consistent. Elizabeth knows how to convey this in the best possible way with her great know-how of the entire Mary Kay Beauty line and its effectivness. For years I have been able to count on her valuable services and skills. I also appreciate the uncomplicated and speedy processing of orders.

Karin W.

My long-standing customer relationship with Beth (Elizabeth) has been characterized by very positive circumstances. She takes my concerns seriously without trying to talk me into anything. I feel competently advised, and I can also return products if I don’t like something. On special requests, she is willing to go the extra mile and spares no effort. In addition, she is a very pleasant, friendly, humorous, sensitive and tactful personality.

Nancy M.


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