5 Basic Steps to great Skin Care!


Most of us know already that the skin is the largest organ of our body! It is so important. One of its major functions is to protect our insides from the outside world. So lets make sure we take good care of it.

Listed below are some basic functions of the skin. It is amazing what all our skin does for us! Lets see how we can help support those very important functions by our skin care routines and what products we should help do that.

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Some Important Skin Functions:

  • Protection against the outside world- chemicals, sun exposure, infections
  • Maintain body temperature
  • Receives information from the outside world through stimuli
  • Absorption and Excretion
  • Nutrient and Water Storage – can be used in emergencies by your body
  • Communication – the skin reacts and gives off signals such as a rash to let us know something is going on

Basic Skin Care Tips:

Use products that are made for your skin type! If you don’t know your skin type you can get a FREE preliminary survey PDF to see in what category you most likely fall into. Fill it out and return it to me for your skin type analysis. If you prefer, you can set up a free Telephone, Zoom, or in person consultation with me to find out what skin type you are. It takes about 15 minutes. Contact me here if you would like that option.

  • STEP 1: CLEANSE – Deep gentle Cleansing removes impurities and dirt from the skin without being too aggressive and disturbing the natural skin barrier. If you are “cleansing” with water only, then you are not properly cleaning out your pores. You must cleanse with a gentle cleanser to open up those pores. Think – water and oil do not mix without a solvent to break up that oil, just as you would not wash your dishes with only water because they would not get clean. The same goes for your pores. You must use a cleanser to open the pores back up to accept moisture. One of our popular cleansers is 4 in 1 Cleanser from Mary Kay.
  • STEP 2: TONE / EXFOLIATE – It is important after cleansing to balance the PH levels of your skin. This is where a toner comes in. There are specific toners that can be used to attract moisture or disinfect more if you are prone to impurities. Sometimes this step is combined in the cleanser itself like with the above mentioned Mary Kay Cleanser. If you like to keep that Toner in your skin care routine like me, then here is the Renewing Freshner.
  • STEP 3: VITAMINS & MINERALS – Usually you will find these ingredients most concentrated in your serums. These are power packed vitamin bombs for your skin. They go to that middle layer of the skin and deliver rich antioxidants to the cells. The antioxidants are like police that get rid of the bad radicals that are damaging your skin through oxidation (causing the cells to slowly die). Oxidation happens throughout the body every day. We can help combat the imbalance with antioxidants. Food of course if another intake. You can read more about that under the health tab. This new Vitamin C one from Mary Kay is a breath of fresh air for your skin! Replenishes and restores and boosts!
  • STEP 4: MOISTURIZE – Giving your skin a fresh drink of moisture is also key is finishing up your skin care program. Especially in the winter months you probably realize you need that extra hydration. Most moisturizers also contain vitamins to support the other products in keeping your skin well taken care of. You will usually find an array of moisturizers for all kinds of needs. You can get specific day or night moisturizers. That leads us to usuing a moisturizer that already contains at least a 30 SPF in it – as with this Mary Kay Anti-Aging Day Cream for example.
  • STEP 5: PROTECTION – When we talk about protection, I mean creating a barrier between my well cared for skin and the outside world. Here I am not talking about protection from the sun. That is in my moistuizer, above. I like to think of my liquid foundation as a barrier that protects my skin by keeping the good stuff in and the environmental factors of the world on the outside. The liquid foundations from Mary Kay are superb and are used by many make-up artists around the world. They are lightweight and feel like you don’t have make up on. Totally awesome!

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What my clients say

Elizabeth’s warmth & professionalism are reflected in everything she does. Her attention to wishes & individual needs of her clients is remarkable. A special highlight is Elizabeth’s beautiful product packaging, a sign of her love for for beauty – down to the last detail.

Deborah H.

As a customer, I prefer an individual, professional, friendly, non-intrusive, well-founded, tailored advice that is consistent. Elizabeth knows how to convey this in the best possible way with her great know-how of the entire Mary Kay Beauty line and its effectivness. For years I have been able to count on her valuable services and skills. I also appreciate the uncomplicated and speedy processing of orders.

Karin W.

My long-standing customer relationship with Beth (Elizabeth) has been characterized by very positive circumstances. She takes my concerns seriously without trying to talk me into anything. I feel competently advised, and I can also return products if I don’t like something. On special requests, she is willing to go the extra mile and spares no effort. In addition, she is a very pleasant, friendly, humorous, sensitive and tactful personality.

Nancy M.


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